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Calipier Clearance - How much play is needed?


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I recently bought the Spec B LGT. Of course this car came with 18" wheels with summer only tires. Long story short, I am used to running one set of wheels in the winter time, and the other set in the summer. I have a set of 17" jdm wheels from my old legacy that I would like to use in the winter.


That said, I mounted one of the 17" wheels to my car this morning. It fit, but the wheel's spokes appear to come very close to the front of the caliper. Overall I would say there is about 1-3 mm of clearance between the spokes and the caliper (a slice of cardboard fit in the space).


Attached are a couple pics for the visual. Before I buy winter tires, I would like the boards input. Is this too close for comfort?







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