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Possible to adapt Ltd seat controls/tracks to non-Ltd seats?


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Just wondering if anyone has investigated this. Apart from some minor padding issues I'm going to iron out with an upholstery shop, I'd love to have the adjustability of the Ltd seats without the leather.


Anyone know if the non-Ltd seat could be swapped to the Ltd seat tracks/controls? Is the wiring all there?

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Well, it's not super nasty. From the best I can tell from the parts list, this is what you'd need. Should be able to simply transfer the existing Non-Ltd seat to these parts, thereby keeping the seat cushion, seat back and airbag setup all intact.


It would be about $500 bucks:


Description PN Retail price

Seat Frame 64100AG03A 90.72

Power Seat switch 64176AE10A 90.73

Harness, Sensor 64084AG21A 117.98

Seat knob, blk 64143AE01AJC 22.27

Reclining knob, blk 64143AE00AJC 21.15

Cover, recline adjuster 64115AG24AJC 30.7

Cover, adjuster 64115AG29AJC 27.65

Motor unit, power seat 64102AG03A 97.15


Total: 498.35

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