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Hidden way to roll the windows up from the key fob

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Hello everyone, something I found today on our fifth Gen (2010) legacy (called B4 in my country - Israel, for some marketing related reason) and cant find any mention in the manual or even the internet.


As far as it goes, Subaru never included the feature to roll up or down the windows from the remote. But when I was cleaning the car, hold and behold, by mistake I rolled the windows up when playing with the remote key fob. It seems that it was meant as a safety feature so you couldn't forget a child or an animal in the car. And only as a way to close the windows after you got the key out of the ignition.


You get out, you hold your door open, press the Lock on the remote, the car blinks bunch of times without actually locking up, but hold and be hold, the windows roll up one by one. Meanwhile you can shut the door and press Lock again to actually lock the car.


I really don't know if this is something region specific, or it's one of these features no one ever notices.. But wast able to find any mention on the internet.

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