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92 Legacy clutch problems

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I just replaced the clutch in my 92 Legacy non-turbo and now my clutch petal just goes straight to the floor and stays there. I tore it back done and everything looks identical to how I first took it apart so I put it back together and same problem. I'm lost
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I assume it is the cable driven clutch. Make sure that you reattached the clutch cable and it hasn't come off the fork. Also, check under the dash at the pedal to make sure the cable didn't come off of there either.


A common issue is that the fork tends to develop a hairline crack at the pivot joint. If the crack is severe enough, it will cause clutch slippage or even no engagement at all (aka pedal to the floor).

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I did a visual inspection of the fork and there was no damage. The only slippage I had came from the clutch plate being worn beyond its years. All of my cables are connected and after repositioning my clutch plate that slipped in the initial install my petal still stays down but now it's about 3/4 of an inch of the floor and when I press it all the way down it springs b back to that 3/4" position
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