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Will parts from a 04 outback fit my 05 legacy wagon 2.5i?

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Hey guys, so i bought a 2005 legacy wagon 2.5i a few months back and shes in need of some work (front struts, wheelbearing hubs or cv replacement plus a few other possible parts). My cousin just had their rear diff fall out of their 2000 outback and i was thinking i could take it off their hands and use it for parts. How Interchangable would the parts be from the outback to the legacy?


If this has been covered in a previous form or if anyone knows of a site with this info please feel free to link me to that.




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Outback to Legacy almost everything is interchangeable. However 2000-‘04 is a different generation than ‘05 and up. Struts from a 3rd gen can be used on a 4th gen if you use the 4th gen mounts. The Outback struts will make your Legacy sit higher.

As for the CVs and the wheel bearing, they are not directly interchangeable. The 3rd gen uses a press in type wheel bearing where the 4th gen uses a sealed bolt on type.

In the past I have used a 4th gen knuckle on a 3rd gen car, however there are two main issues the first is the ABS sensor, they are different. The second issue is the CV axle itself. The splines are the same and fit inside the wheel bearing just fine. However, the shaft is too long and when you run the axle nut down it doesn’t come in contact with the wheel bearing, to set preload. This at least was the issue with the 3rd gen. Theoretically putting a 3rd gen knuckle on a 4th gen car may eliminate the latter issue.

The 3rd gen CV axles do not have an input shaft that goes into the tranny/diff, instead it has a roll pin that holds it onto the input shaft. While the 4th gen axle has an input shaft that slides directly into the transmission. It MAY be possible to take the input shaft out of the 3rd gen tranny and slide it into the 4th gen. Then it would be set up just like the 3rd gen.

Of course I could be totally wrong? These are just my ramblings, hope it helps a little.



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