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2011 STi Driver Seat Swap into 2005 LGT

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I'm looking for some help as to what the connectors are on the bottom of my 2005 LGT Ltd driver seat. There are many more connectors than the 2011 STi seat I'm trying to swap in. Anyone got a pic with notes as to which connector does what?
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I got it figured out.


There were 6 connectors on my power LGT seat. Large yellow is airbag, small yellow to buckle, other small yellow to seat fore/aft sensor, black to power motors, white to seat heater, flat white to buckle.


I pulled the fore/aft sensor off the LGT seat and connected it and zip tied it out of the way underneath. There's no provision for this on the STi seat. The airbag connectors were different so I soldered the one from the LGT seat onto the STi harness. I used the LGT buckle which has the SRS and flat white connectors.


All went well and I have no SRS/Airbag lights!

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