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2018 Legacy Radio Removal Question

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Hello everyone, First post!!!!


I had a question of anyone who has taken the 8" starlink radio out of their 2018 legacy, how do you get the ac controls out once you remove the trim and 2 Phillips screws? I tried pulling at it but it feels like i may break it.


Trying to install an Audio Control LC7I so i can install a sub w/ amp and component speakers upfront powered by a 2 channel amp.


Today i pulled out the front speakers and replaced them w/ infinity kappa 60.11cs as well as dynamatted the trunk lid added a few pieces around the rear wheels inside the trunk as well, also near the speakers in the front doors couldn't snap out the stupid connectors ended up cutting my fingers so just kept it attached while i replaced the speakers and dynammated through just the speaker hole for now.

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I replaced the climate control assembly in my 2016 Legacy a couple weeks ago (I think your climate controls are a bit different but the steps you listed are exactly the same). I wedged 3 small flat head screwdrivers (like ones that are small enough for screws used in electronics) between the touch screen assembly and the climate control assembly (there are 3 clips). I actually found that part easier than taking that initial trim piece off so hopefully it'll come out alright.
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Yea i tried again with a bit more force and it popped out right when i was about to stop trying again! Guess its better then i thought now i just need to figure out the wiring as im confused as hell to which connector it for the speaker wires. taking pictures for everyone elses benefit once i am done i will post everything.
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