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'05 LGT seat swap into '06 base

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Hey everyone!

Thanks for looking. Just picked up a nice '06 base Legacy with horribly stained seats. We bought a set of very nice leather seats from a '05 Legacy GT in a junkyard. 3 of the clips mounted right away, but there are two connectors, both 2-wire: white and yellow from the car, and one white 4-wire clip that's extra from the seat. The colors from the 4-wire seat are green/white, green, red/blue and red/green. The white 2-wire from the car is black/yellow, and dark with grey dots? The other yellow 2-wire from the red and black/white. Any ideas what these wires are for? Are they the same just different connectors? I did re-connect the battery and the motors work, but the airbag light stays on. I could care less about the heated seat function. I just want the airbags to work, as well as the power seat functions.



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