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2015 Legacy Flasher Relay Location


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Hi Everyone, I recently installed the Diode Dynamics LED Turn Signals (Front and Rear) and they look really sharp! My question to the group is where is the flasher relay located? I also purchased the CF-18 relay to fix the "Fast Blinking" but cannot find a thread\post anywhere on Google that shows where it's located. Any help will be greatly appreciated! I will post pics with new flashers once I can fix this...




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2015+ Legacy does not have a flasher relay. If you have fast blinking, you will have to use a resistor. You can usually install either front or rear LED turn signals in that model without hyperflash/fast blinking, if you buy the right kind of bulb. To do both you will need to use a resistor for each front OR rear signal LED. Diode dynamics may have a set of front and rear that will work without a resistor, but I've found that once the total resistance falls enough, the fast blinking starts.
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