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08 3.0R trans weird when flooring it


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08 3.0R 5EAT - developed a weird problem today. When I floor it in auto mode everything bogs down and RPM’s bounce off of 5k almost like hitting rev limiter. But when I switch over to manual mode I can shift up and down the gears very smoothly. I was working on the car today: here’s what I did.


Hit a deer, had radiator support pulled back in to shape. Battery was disconnected during that time. Also replaced VVT oil pressure sensor on bank 1. Through a p0076 almost immediately. Having been having VVT problems for a long time. Does this seem like a transmission problem or maybe an ECU/TCU problem, or maybe something new with the VVT.


I have cell phone video of the problem while driving if that will help.


I appreciate any advice.

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