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Just ANOTHER another misfire thread...

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Hello fine folks,


My car misfires, nothing new for these cars. It started off on cylinders 3 and 4. I first swapped the coils between 1 and 3, no effect. I next tried swapping the injectors between 2 and 4 which caused the car to now misfire on ALL cylinders. I can smell unburnt fuel in the exhaust so now my question -


What would cause a misfire on all cylinders after swapping two injectors around?


The car also has an even worse idle than before.


History -


The engine was completely rebuilt 6k miles ago to replace a burnt exhaust valve. In the process, brand new OEM spark plugs were installed. The car ran great for about 3k miles until it started misfiring again. The idle gradually roughened up and it feels like the ECU is pulling timing again. I’m going to try getting romraider to take some logs to prove this but in the mean time, does anyone have suggestions?


Mods -


Grimmspeed Catless up pipe

ACT street lite flywheel

Exedy stage 1 clutch

Everything else stock

2005 outback xt

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I’m going to pull all four injectors and bring them in to have them cleaned and flow tested. In the mean time, how important is the MAF o-ring? I pulled my MAF out yesterday to clean it and the o-ring is now completely torn. I reinstalled the sensor without the o-ring for the time being. Will update after the injectors get serviced
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The MAF O-ring is indispensible. Without it, you have a vacuum leak at the very point where you're measuring air flow.

I take it you have RomRaider? If so, the learning view is a great place to start. Once you replace the O-ring and get your injectors checked/cleaned - I agree that's a logical first step.

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