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Legacy GT Spec. B JDM Import

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Hello i wanted to Show you my new Baby its a japanese 2003 legacy gt spec b Manual and its called SoySauce… Here in Germany no one drives subaru… specialy legacy… i never saw a legacy in berlin ore noth Germany... but some say in the south there are a couple of imprezas and legacys…

i still didnt did anything Mayor... just STI Front lip and a chep but good headunit… the rain deflectors and defi boost gauge where installed when it arrived in Germany.... i am studying automobil engineering at the Technical University of Berlin... we are bulding race cars there so i will use the knowlege and facilitiys to make my legacy a Little bit unique… i worked a lot with Carbon there so i think i will replace a lot of Parts... i startet now with the Hood Scoop trim and air duct (?)… Maybe later this year the front lip, interior, mirrors and Fenders..


what do you think About my legacy?




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