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A/C compressor hack

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o I was about to see if my A/C compressor will work, I've never even had a belt on it since i've owned the car. the the pulley for it came in the trunk with a cracked adjustment piece from someone trying to adjust it without loosening the lock nut.


well flash forward five years to today and my windows don't work so well anymore. need this A/C. its all put together, but when i was looking up the process first in my manual to recharge it, it says this :


"the charging process requires the Compressor to be running. Your compressor may cycle off if the pressure is low due to a low charge. if the clutch cycles off, you can pull the Low-Pressure Cycling Switch Plug and attach a jumper wire. this will keep the compressor ON"


No Youtuber has yet to mention this...


everything i've read/ watched is people dumping the can into the low side refrigerant port and the compressor just kicking on.


how do you accomplish this hack mentioned in my legacy bible, my idea now is, its just that little harness on top of the compressor and you run a wire to one of the battery terminals but i have no idea.


where or what is the "Low-Pressure Cycling Switch Plug" and how do you jump it?


or should i just go for it and charge it?


going to buy refrigerant now


***put this on 3rd gen too but that dosen't see a lot of action, MODS you know what to do***

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Low pressure switch is on the low pressure line, you can't miss it if you follow the line. Filling up the system when the compressor is off will still work but it doesn't pull the refrigerant in as fast. If the system is just low, once you get enough in the system, the compressor will work normally. You jump the switch with a piece of wire if you prefer to go that route.
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