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Update on the Third Gen B4 RS25

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I've driven 4,570 miles so far and looking forward to the 5K mark on my first Subaru. The temps have been reasonably good ever since the head gasket job I did earlier this year. I could still use another OEM Thermostat and Radiator though. My needle likes to dance a lot.


Outside of that, I've noticed a knocking noise coming from my front passenger brake area which will be addressed over the weekend.


O'Reilly stock brake rotors and pads are doing well, a little soft at times but that's just because I've been playing too much Gran Turismo Sport at home. I'd like a little bit stiffer suspension and wider tires for a more "planted" feel in the corners.


I'm uncovering new search terms still to this day so the build I have is going to actually start moving in the direction of a USDM-RSK Clone if I could just solidify a few more aspects.


I'm not sure if I'll be doing a 5-speed swap before or after I source another EJ block but both will happen in year 2 of the build for sure.


Other than that I'm just continuing my research and looking for a better job that involves working with cars at events like photography or something along those lines, something I actually enjoy. My job right now is crap and it's holding up the build.


Anyway, that's all for now LeggyFam!!!


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In my quest for progression I finally found another job playing the role of chef homeboy-ar-dee. I won't be able to source any parts for a moment due to the transition and finances and (possible relocation).


What I have done is decided on some Grimmspeed Intake spacers along with the radiator and thermostat swap I have planned.


Hopefully I can get some 215's and some tint on the Leggy before Subiefest in October.


Otherwise she's running just fine. Super hot during the day riding on the freeway in 100°+ weather (199°-212°) and just peachy at night (182°-196°). I checked the Zerex Asian red coolant last night around 10pm and the level is right where I left it at the beginning of March, no flakes or discoloration. The reservoir was right at half which felt amazing compared to the constant overflow before.

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