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Twin Turbo Engine Removal Queries

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Hi there,


I have a 3rd Gen Legacy GTB 2.0 Twin Turbo Wagon which I brought home from Japan with me.

It's time to change the clutch so I elected to pull the engine as I have a few other things I need to do as well.

I have a few questions for anyone who has a car like this one (or anyone else really!):

1. At what point do you disconnect the turbos? At the base plate (4 12mm nuts) just after the turbo chargers (Pink arrows) or before the turbos where there is a hose clamp? - green arrow. I attached a picture with the arrows.

2. Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to get the intercooler BACK ON with the 2 turbo outlets pipes underneath - I did this a few years ago in a car park during a cold December in Japan and it was a nightmare. I got it done after hrs of fighting so if anyone has any tips that would be much appreciated!

3. There is a 4th bolt (A on second image) behind the AC compressor mounting bracket that I just CANNOT access (I've tried making up a bunch of strange tools etc but no luck yet). There is a fixed line above it (point B)which a lot of other engines don't seem to have and I cannot remove it - anyone got any clever tips for this one?:spin:


Thanks a lot for the help!



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