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P0181 Sensor location

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So, I recently bought a Legacy GT Limited 2005 model with the EJ255 2.5L DOHC turbo engine. Really love this car so far, but today my CEL turned on with blinking cruise control light. Hooked up my AccesPort (v2) and it showed me a P0181 Code. Which would indicate a fuel temp sensor issue. ( P0181 - Fuel Temperature Sensor “A” Circuit Range/Performance). Now I´ve figured out that I should be able to access the fuel pump (and if I properly understand, the sensor as well) by looking under the back seat. I believe I have found the correct place in general under the seat, but can´t for the life of me find any diagrams or similar to actally help me check the wiring for the sensor or clean it etc. Not in autodata nor alldata repair. Also, If anyone has a service manual for this car that´d be welcome too. ( I tried searching these forums and googling before posting, and I hope I haven´t raised an old question up. ) Thanks in advance!

( Also, I hope I posted this in the correct section -> if not, please let me know and I´ll repost in general forum.)


TL;DR: Where to locate fuel temp sensor and what kind of replacement part would be suitable?


Here´s the VIN as well if it´s any use:

4S3BL676156210611 // https://www.scoobynet.com/vindecoder.php?vin=4S3BL676156210611

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You have to remove the in-tank unit to get to the sensor, it's at the bottom of the pump. See pp. 1666 & 1684 of the 2005 FSM:



WoW! That response was STUPID fast! Really appreciate it! I am a novice and still learning, but hopefully my subbie will help me become the "car expert" I wish to become. Baby steps... I think I´m really going to enjoy my time here at this forum and hope to contribute to this forum in the future. Again, thanks a whole bunch, you´re a lifesaver! All 2cents are appreciated!:eek::rolleyes::wub:

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