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exposing the transaxle output stub without completely removing CV shaft?

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Good morning all.

I'll try to keep this short winded. 5 months ago I was replacing my CV shafts and driveshaft in my new to me 2004 legacy 35th wagon 5 speed manual. I noticed that the transaxle output stubs had lots of play or slop in addition to the car pulling to the right when accelerating and pulling to the left upon declaration, rattles and other noises. my limited experience and extensive research I determined that it was my front differential carrier bearings that are bad. so I began to put money aside for a tranny. I discussed this with my father in law to see if he would like to help me with the tranny replacement (he has a lift at his disposal) he said yes, but without even getting under my car he is convinced that it has to be something else that's causing the driving characteristics I'm feeling. So my question is can I pull the inner CV joint off the stub to show himm without removing the whole shaft from the car. My priority is still a tranny then I will address the other stuff struts, bushings, rear CV shafts etc, etc. I just want to be sure barking up the right tree.

Thanks for your time

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you can, no time to explain got to run to work but http://www.rs25.com/forums/f105/t128163-diy-clutch-replacement-pictorial.html


go look through there and see when he is about to drop the trans and is pulling the shafts out. you can use that method and then go get your self some Group N mounts since you will see how bad yours are after this.


this is just one answer definitely not the solution.


also since you say your getting a new tranny it wouldn't hurt to try this

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