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O2 sensor spacers after installing new headers?

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I'm swapping up-pipe and headers on my Outback XT tomorrow. I've got everything ready to go, but I have a question regarding the front O2 sensor. I was told that after replacing the headers, the front O2 sensor needs a spacer put under it to pull it out of the exhaust stream and back farther into the sensor bung. The theory is that after replacing the headers, the exhaust gases move past the sensor too fast for it to get a proper reading. By pulling it back into its bung, it creates a pocket for exhaust gases to get trapped momentarily so the sensor can read them. I can't find anything else online about this, so I wanted to ask. I don't want to be pulling the header back down to add or remove a spacer, so I want to get it right the first time. Can anyone vouch for the validity of what I was told?
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