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2005 Liberty Cold Start Issue- Melbourne

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Hi guys,

My 2005 liberty (2.0litre) is doing some weird things from a cold start. It's been happening inconsistently for the past couple of months.


Tends to start and run for 30 seconds before sounding starved of fuel and then stalling.

I can re-start and it will stall again within 10 sec. If I'm lucky I can get a third start and it will stall after 10 sec. After that it will just turn over without firing.

If I leave it half an hour it may start but will repeat the process.


Every now and then it'll start, warm up and be fine to drive. If it's turned off it may be problematic again (even if it's warm).


I've changed all filters, including the in tank filter, cleaned the idle housing and ran a few injector cleaners through the tank over the past few months.


I've also had it looked at by my local mechanic who tried to diagnose (nothing major came up). He tended to think that it was electronic but it didn't really play up for him. He made some adjustments and we had it going ok for a few days before it started to lag.

Now it's back to where we started. Unreliable.

I've got some video that I will try to post.

I'd love your thoughts???

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