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Vacuum hose route help

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2008 Outback 2.5 XT stiock setup with 130k.


Having just completed an out of car head gasket job I am buttoning up. I have two questions for the board:


1. Vacuum hose: I was careful to document vacuum delivery, But I missed one. On the upper intake, driver side, just under the tube for #4 there is a hose nipplle pointing in the direction of the battery box. This nipple is on the base of the intake, just above the TGV. Where does this hose terminate? I have seen two different hoses on parts sites for this nipple, one turning back under manifold then up, and another exiting upwards and towards the drivers seat. The part description on that hiose said it was Intake Manifold to PCV pipe. But my PCV pipe does mot have a cooresponding nopple to recoeve it. Any help?


2. New water pump. Initial check of cooling system integrity reveals slow drip leak coming from the front right hand side just below the pump. I suspect mechanic error (me) and maybe imcorrect torque of the fasteners. Its mot like me, but not unheard of by me either. Question: any other thouhts on what to check before I pull the timing cover and undo the spot on timing it took me two bours to set (lol)?


The repair necessitated by a severe overheating episode that included some drivng with it too hot for a bit too long. It was a safety thing. Had no choice. The engine eventually stalled, and gave up the

Ghost as soon as we were put of danger.


lThanks for the help

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