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Hill Holder and Parking brake

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Ok, so once I somehow hit the hill holder thing and somehow engaged the brake I guess...all I know is suddenly the car would not move! I finally saw the idiot light and all was good.


However, the car got 'stuck' again this morning. I was in DRIVE in the parking deck stopped behind a car and when I tried to continue, I could not move! No Hill holder idiot light but I looked down and the Parking brake light by the console was lit. Again, I could not move for a few seconds until I figured out what happened...it was just long enough for the dude in back of me to tap his horn...thans god he did not rear end me. I think I pressed the Brake button and the light went off and I was free. What could have caused the brake to engage. I DID NOT PRESS TO ENGAGE IT - I AM 100% SURE. I was on a slight hill...if you idle on a slight hill does the sucker engage? That does not sound right....:eek:

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