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EJ20X swap won't pass IL emissions - Test computer freezes at RPM?

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So, since everything is running essentially well with the Outback after the engine swap (EJ20X engine, JDM ECU, full AVCS function), I've been putting some miles on it with no CEL (so far). I took the car in for emissions today, IL checks readiness and mileage and/or number of starts since the ECU has been reset. From everything I understand you pass/fail essentially based on whether or not you have a CEL, I don't, so I felt lucky.


They hooked the computer up and tried multiple times to get a proper reading, but each time the test computer would freeze at "RPM," which I assume is the test computer checking on the RPM signal. Since it kept freezing I didn't pass and assume it has something to do with my swap. I use RomRaider and ECUFlash pretty regularly so can't see it being the OBDII port being an issue, although I will compare the wiring.


Would it be the JDM ECU itself? Like, a different protocol, baud rate, or some other weird setting or interface that could glitch a test program? Anything else to check on?

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