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2005 legacy gt Loud rattling noise when I let of the gas need help asap

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Check that all heat shields are tied on properly. That's one of the most common sources for that kind of issue.


It can also be the cat that's starting to fall apart.


Neither is fatal, but you may need a new cat.

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Heat shields vibration is common. When it has been really loud, a bolt is significantly loose. However, I experience this rattling often when letting off the clutch. It is especially noticeable with the warmer weather and driving with the window open. When driving by a retaining wall, I can really hear it.


I think some of it is just the thin heat shield material and the resonant frequency matching vibration during clutch in. I just put in new clutch, Group N engine and transmission mounts. The base level of vibration and NVH is noticeably higher when clutching in.

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