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Brake screech issue

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When I bought my Subaru, the brakes were replaced about 1000 miles ago according to carfax. Putting just about 500 of my own miles, I noticed the whole time some terrible brake squeak noise. It’s very loud and high pitched, not like for example if the brakes were wet.


It happens with medium brake pedal pressing, too much or too little you don’t hear the noise. I believe it’s the front passenger or rear passenger.


Any idea what this could be? Has me a little worried. Taking it to a dealer in about a week or 2.



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Likely source is one or more brake pad wear indicators. They're designed to do that to get your attention ... and not just on Subarus. Regardless, you should have it looked at ASAP.

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I've had new brakes squeak right out of the box. Cleaning new pads/rotors with dish soap and water seems to take care of the problem.


Some kinds of pads are more prone to squeeking than others, you can research this on the internet.


could be a wear indicator on a pad as stated above. That's awfully low miles to have burned through pads already though. I sticking caliper would make them wear faster.


Possibly a grooved rotor also, assuming rotors weren't done with the new pads. I've also had shops do a poor job of turning rotors and had noise after.

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