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I'll take Konis and Kings for $1700, Alex


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Good Day All,

After a misadventure in the winter involving my right side front versus a curb that resulted in a new steering knuckle, LCA, front and rear (it was dying) wheel bearings and some other misc parts I have been steadily infusing my poor old Dagmar with more suspension bits. I started to get an odd rumble/vibration through the wheel that varies with speed so I thought it might be time to replace the driver side wheel bearings as well. I did that and then discovered the blown rear lh strut. Off I go to the forums to look for replacement/upgrade options so,...


TL;DR: I have a set of Konis and a set of King Spring 1" lowering springs arriving on my door step today plus I'm picking up the LH front LCA (Mevotech) to match the right side that was replaced. I'm hoping to document the install as I go but pics may be hit or miss. Any advice you folks have to make my life easier will certainly be appreciated.


My plan is to replace the anti-sway bars with Whiteline's kit once my wallet recovers and will likely do the hybrid intake mod as well. We'll see if I can eventually sneak an EJ255 or 257 in there one day but I'm not holding my breath I'll have the scratch for that anytime soon...

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TL;DR: I have a set of Konis and a set of King Spring 1" lowering springs arriving on my door step today plus I'm picking up the LH front LCA (Mevotech)


Please keep updating. I have Epic/Eibach on Konis and just broke my front driver's spring. I'm not sure what to get for replacement. The Kings seems the closest available and are available in just the fronts.

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Fair enough. I only got the rears in last weekend and they are settling in nicely. I'll post a pic tonight to give you an idea of the difference in ride height back to front. The front is completely stock so it should give a good comparison.

I started with the left side rear and it took me about 6 hours of frustration to finally get it back together.


Pro-tip: Don't try to install the spring on the strut with the spring perch upside down....:rtfm: Doing that resulted in two issues. The spring unsurprisingly wouldn't stay in place and my spring compressor blocks would get jammed between the coils due to the reduced distance. I finally realized my mistake when I got the whole thing together using modified ratchet straps and the spring compressors and went to start the other side. I started the other side and lo and behold the light came on! Re-read the instructions and had the right side rear out, re-built and installed in 40 minutes. Yay! Now I have to go back and pull apart the one I did wrong. Boo. 30 minutes after that, all is good.


I set the Konis at ++ on the install (rotating the shock body; I think that sets rebound) and left the damping at the minimum (adjuster on top).


The car responded well on the test drive and I was cutting my favorite test corner a good 20 kmh faster than previous where I was starting to get the wheels to chirp before. The ride is firm and compliant and even with the mismatched struts feels better than it did new. I'm really looking forward to getting the fronts put together this weekend.

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Sooo the car is done and as promised a few pics for your viewing pleasure...


An extra 10 perceived wheel hp!

Front arch stock

Completed coil and strut front

Just finished and the front may settle down a bit more but I'm pretty happy with the result!

Rear Arch post install


Cutting the struts was a bit of a PITA as my pipe cutter wouldn't fit but 30 minutes of hacksaw and sander fixed things right up. A quick shot of Holland Yellow Tremclad and it was all good. I didn't have time to swap the LCA like I wanted to so the garage that is doing the alignment will be putting that in. I'm hoping I'll have enough saved to throw in the Whiteline Anti-sway bar kit in the Fall.






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