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I've owned 5 Subarus before this legacy and i finally found one with a solid body. Living in Michigan its pretty much impossible to find a suby from the late 90's that still has rocker panels and a floor let alone have wheel wells still in tack.


I lucked out with this one. The guy i bought it from had only driven it 1 year in the salt and had cleaned it regularly. He was from Colorado and was only the second owner of this little wagon.


I got lots of plans for this thing! Just wanna have fun building something that can still function well for daily driving but also be used a few times a year for some Rally-cross fun and of course driving in the dunes (i live in Michigan and if you've never heard of Silver lake google it. it will be worth your time)


All that was done up to this point was daily drive it (and i added my 100lb roof rack...which has now been slimmed down)






About 2 weeks ago i decided it was finally get to work on her.






installed v.2 heavy duty roof rack so it weighs around 30lbs compared to the original 100lbs. i went alittle crazy when i first built the rack for a OBS i had.





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well my buddy tempted me with some 1st gen P1 STI struts and springs for the affordable price of FREE so now im living the low life lol. I plan to get a 1 inch subtle solutions spacer for the rear and and possibly a 3/8 spacer for the front. I plan to Ralllycross this car mostly so i cant be scrapping.





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