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we need some open roads


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i have been feeling down about the purchase of this car and i realize a lot of it probably is related to not being able to drive it like it was intended. the other cars i considered definitely had their advantages- the a4's safety, the is250's ergonmics, the tsx's navi, the g35...well actually, i dunno what this ones strongest point is. anonymity comes to mind since they are ubitquitous in the OC.


anyways, was at a light today and staring at 200 yards of asphalt and then a perfectly banked freeway onramp. to my right, a hottie in a civic, to my left an old guy in an oldsmo-buick. i wanna punch it but for some reason, the funny image of me firing off the line and some black and white tucked away where i can't see him nails me comes to mind. so the light turns green and i lay gently into the gas just to where i hit boost and i look over, no buick, no civic....but one car came off the line even harder than i did, the familiar shape of a BLUE & white crown vic. luckily his right foot was heavier than mine. then i hit the freeway and man, what is not to love about this car when it's doing what it does best? almost makes me forget the crappy job my dealer is doing, or the fact that i have nowhere to rest my right elbow...


legacy GT ltd $29,000 (i know some of you paid less, i'm already feeling bad about the purchase, do you have to kick me when i'm down?)

jdm armrest $160

tint $200

the stupid grin on my face when driving: priceless.


anyone considering buying this car should definitely read and review the criticisms posted on this board, but don't let that stop you from test driving it. that's what sold me. german performance with better than german reliability...just wish they could improve on the safety performance and ergonomics.

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I totally understand what you mean, having already been pulled over 3 times in my Legacy in right around 6 months. On another note, I believe the Legacy has one of the highest safety ratings of other cars in it's class. My insurance actually went down with the new car, which I attribute to the excellent safety ratings. Fortunately the A4, the TSX, and the IS250 are no match at all to the performance of our cars. The G35 is ALL over in Orange County and I can attest to that. That was my only other real contender when buying this car, and the AWD combined with the price made the Legacy the obvious choice (as for the 06 options, price is not much difference now). Just keep that stupid grin on your face and get to the track sometime!
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i thought the 55 was my race track....it's just that the pace car won't get the hell outta my way ;)


as for the safety, i think the LGT is great head on, but side impact is a different story...an outta control toddler in a big wheel could penetrate the cabin/weak side airbags.


you ever make any of the meets at Laguna Hills? I may go sometime to pick the brains of the guys who've been driving this gokart from hell.

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well that's your problem! You live in OC!


There's plenty of open roads over here in my area. Its cool to make the OC meet for us, then take Ortega back home for some night-time fun.

"some say, his arms are made of coiled adamantium fibers. And that he tops his cereal with nuts and bolts. All we know is, he's called the Jose."
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