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2001 legacy loutback no spark issue

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Just replaced the motor with a remanufactured motor, due to oil starve & rod knock in the middle of a road trip to see an elderly family member.


New motor in & all accessories are mounted, but no spark.


Mechanical timing set by builder & appears to be correct.


I’m getting 5V constant to the coil & .5v-1.0v to the signal (fluctuates)


I’ve been checking the resistants & my numbers aren’t matching up with what I’ve been finding online.


The engine ran just fine, prior to oil starving.


Why would we be having ignition issues after reassembly?


Any suggestions?

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Just replaced the coil, with a new unit & nothing has changed.


Checked resistance on the following.


Coil (post to post & pin to pin)


Crank angle sensor


Cam angle sensor


They all check out.


The reason I changed the coil is that the pin to pin resistances between the new vs used coil was dramatically different.

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Quick question???

If the mechanical timing is out of sync, will the ECU send signal to the igniter to fire the coil with an incorrect timing event trigger, or will it simply not send the signal at all?


We’ve checked everything, but I’m not familiar with this engine & I’m wondering if the timing was not set properly at time of assembly.


The builder has been really amazing as far as phone support, but I’m running out of things to test & diagnose.

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what was the engine out of?


The new long block was built from scratch from parts, by the engine builder.


He requested the VIN number & pictures of the driver's side Cam. gear.


The car is a 2001 outback wagon.


the engine that failed was the original engine @ 219,000 miles (pretty good run)

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Apologies for the lack of an update.


We are currently dealing with the death of my grandmother & the car has been back burnered.


The car is at an independent mechanic & has not been touched.


I have gone back to Seattle & I have relayed to the mechanic to verify mechanical timing & timing components.


Thanks everyone for chiming in & sharing your knowledge.


The original engine is in the back of the car & I'm not returning the core, until I have had the mechanical timing & timing components verified by the independent, so worse case scenario, we can just swap the cam & crank gears/ triggers & just reset the timing.


Everything electrical has been verified, this must be a simple mechanical issue.


I will keep this thread updated as more information surfaces.

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The car is running very well.


The independent mechanic's first suspicion was that there was a pin or multiple pins not engaging in the 2 large harness plugs (the white & brown plugs on the passenger side)


He was correct.


when the engine was out, I checked the harness, but when I was reinstalling the harness, it was late & dark.


The following morning when we went to prime the oiling system & start the car, we were not getting spark.


Signal & power were making it to the coil, but the signal was not making it to the ECU.


I was able to remove the Cam & crank sensors, without disturbing the harness, so I never re-checked the harness...


All components assembled by the builder were correct & the engine was mechanically timed perfectly.

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