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Down on boost, Down on power, running lean

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So I decided to ditch the corsa and get a decent car. Families always had Subarus...

My recently purchased gen 4 Legacy GT 2.0 is not running right.


I'ts hesitant to accelerate, hesitant to cold start... before the car temperature gauge is up to normal running temp. The boost gauge shows the car limits the boost to 0.6 bar. then when the cars warm I get full power 1.1bar boost for about 15 mins then the car limits the boost again and i lose power.


Running on V power now but for the first couple of tanks I used poor quality fuel. Not sure if that caused a problem? went to a dyagnostics guy with a dyno and he says its lean af. AFR 15+!


Ive just put a new fuel pump and intank filter in. The engine, i think, is stock apart from some electronics interior upgrades only.


Would love to know what to look at next?? :cool:

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