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Seat Covers for 2005 Legacy GT Sedan

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As I just can't justify paying for all new seats to replace the heavily stained cloth seats, I was looking for recommendations on seat covers for not only the front, but rear seats as well. I understand from some reviews is that some rear covers fit the Wagon LGT fine, but may have issues with the Sedan. I don't mind spending a little bit extra on something that fits better.


Also do the heated seats still work well through the covers?

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Coverking and Caltrend make nice ones that will fit 100% depending on the material (ie: cordura ballistic material doesnt stretch so the fit wont be as tight, but neosupreme / neoprene will fit 100% and be a nice fit.


heated seats should work since its not a function that is limited.


as far as airbags go - the two brands i mentioned above have cutouts for where airbags in seats would be so they are safe to use..


i am by no means trying to sell you something, but i work for carid.com and you can see all the different options there. (i just work with the website / development)



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