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Driver Side Door-ratcheting NOISE when opened

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Anyone else have this issue? It just started about a week ago, and not sure if it's due to plunging temperatures or just dirt contamination, but my driver side door emits a loud noise when opening it. It almost sounds like it's coming from the window, but most likely it is emitting from the internal door mechanism.


Obviously, this is a hard one to explain, but any ideas as to why it might be happening would be much appreciated.

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Okay, it's fixed. The solution?


1) I opened the driver side door.

2) I put the key in the ignition and turned it to "ON"

3) Using the switch to adjust window height, I activated it to the up position, and the window addressed the command by slightly moving upwards.

4) I "closed" the door and then "opened" the door using the "door handle" and there was no noise.

5) I stared in the rearview mirror and frantically tried wiping the giant L off my forehead that had suddenly appeared.


I think I will go out tonight dressed as an IdiotBoy.:rolleyes:

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