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Just got 06 LGT


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I got it for 27,000.....about 28,900 driveout. It's a limited, auto, auto-dimming mirrors with compass and homelink, it had a spoiler but I made them take it off which supposedly cost them $200. It had 300 miles on it from driving it to and from other dealerships is what they said. I don't know why I"m asking this since I already bought it last weekend. Anyone here have a 5EAT LGT with AP? I was wondering what kind of benefit I would get from only doing that.
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Houston? Fuck I paid 29400 drive out.


oh no... you lost $500, or 2% of the vehicle's price.


or check this out, about $5/mo.


Maybe this Yebbey guy just happen to have an extra incentive from SOA to get $500 more off the car.


Either way, you both have excellent vehicles for under 30k.

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