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Bit the Bullett on some Proxes 4's today


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Went to the local Les Schwab today, $550 later I had a set of 225/45/17's mounted and drove off. Got them to give me $80 for my 26k worn RE 92's. The pi$$er is they turned right around and gave 'em right back to me by charging me for sipeing, which I expected, AND balancing them, which I did not expect. I'm gonna try to get $40 back from them when I can talk to the manager. Farging icewhores.


The new shoes feel a little better on the car though and definitely look different than the Brickstones.

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I've had them for 7000+ miles.


If they howl/drone and it may drive you crazy, give them 2-3k miles.


If you're on the stock suspension, 35-36 front and 33-34 rear should be good.


You may experience steering wheel vibration after they've been overnight in 50F and less temps, give them a few miles to warm up.


You may get a slight steering wheel vibration at highways speeds even after a full top-of-the-line Hunter balance and alignment, most of it should go away after 2-3k miles but not all since I think the tread is aggresive.




Other than that, they stick so good I've pulled some uncomfortable Gs.

Comfort: RE92 > Proxes 4

Performance: Proxes 4 > RE92

I keed I keeed
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