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So I'm painting my grill.... need advice....


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I pulled my grill off yesterday, scrubbed it clean with dishsoap and water, dried it, sanded it lightly, washed it again, and then applied the first coat of primer.


Here's what I need help with:


There is a section of the grill that apparently had some sort of "grease pencil" mark on it that didn't come off during the washing/sanding. I only noticed it because of course, the primer doesn't seem to like it.


My question is this: considering I've already thrown a coat of primer on it, can I just *sand* that area to remove the offending substance, and then just respray?


I can't see any other option, really... but wanted to check in with the experts to be sure.



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Nope, you might as well start over now. you NEED the adhesion promoter or it's going to flake off like the gold on a $50 Rolex. You'll very much regret it.


Sand it all off again, pick up some adhesion promoter first, THEN reapply primer. Otherwise, you might as well not even bother with trying to clean up that grease pencil section. Seriously.

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most primer doesn't come with adhesion promoter... i'd start over before you spray more.




put like 8 layers of clear coat :lol:

Perrin BIG maf intake

Perrin Turbo Inlet


Megan Racing header with UP (ceramic coated)


DMH E-cutout

Custom 3" catback


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No, I didn't use an adhesion promoter.


You are probably right about the promoter, but several people on the board have painted their grills, and I can't recall a single one mentioning it, or mentioning any subsequent problems.


Everything seems to have gone well up until this point- all that's left is the clearcoat. I am going to let the basecoat dry for another 12 hours before I apply it.


FWIW, it's kind of a pain in the ass to paint the grill because of the depth and all of the vanes. You kind of have to attack it from front and back to get even coverage.


My basecoat is regal blue, and it's DARK without the clearcoat. It will be interesting to see how it looks after the clear is applied.


Once this is done (tomorrow) I'll let it dry for 3 days before reinstalling and taking pics.

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damn you guys are intense with the instructions on some basic spray paint...hahaha


i was more than a bit drunk when i made my grill, didnt use adhesion promoter, didnt sand, and waited about 30mins between coats and its still looking mighty fine months down the road...and ive only had to pick up a black paint pen to fix imperfections that arose from painting the mesh material i replaced the original chrome stuff with, no issues with any of the rest of it that was painted

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damn you guys are intense with the instructions on some basic spray paint...hahaha


:lol: I tend to agree.


I didn't use any adhesion promoter and my matte black grill w/out any clear coat is still doing ok. I expect to have to repaint it maybe after the winter though. I may use a more structured technique at that time.

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