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High Beam Replacement Bulb


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Today when I looked at my high beams and compared them to my low beams I noticed that the highs were a different colour. Since I bought this used I am not sure if the original owner swapped out the lows for a different type of bulb. I am assuming that they didn't


The lows are kind of a bluish white colour and so far I like them, they seem to light up quite well and look sharp. The highs are more like your traditional yellow light. Any suggestions on a bulb that would match the low beams? Or did Subaru put a different colour for the high for a specific purpose? I used to be a Silverstar user in my old vehicle, definately a big fan and with them being used on the high beam I would not be worried about the burn out factor (that some people have mentioned) as the use will be limited.




Thanks for the reply, I actually pulled the low bulb out to take a look and I believe it to be an aftermarket deal. MTEC sold in Japan I believe. You can get them off of ebay but I don't know what model MTEC it is. So... I think I am going to switch them all out for Silverstars next year or some other bright bulb. I still have the stock Sylvanias for high beams, they work ok for now.

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man, I'm looking for an answer on this too, kinda. I got HIDs & I want my hi-beams to match as close as possible but I've tried 2 diff bulbs & still get that yellowey color.
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