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Purchase Advice: 98 2.2 vs 98 2.5

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Hey I was wondering if I could get some second opinions from yall. I am purchasing one of these two cars, and can't decide which is the better option. Both are being offered for $2000.


-98 Legacy with 2.2L, 240k miles, trans/head gasket/timing belt all changed in the last 50k miles




-98 outback with 2.5L, 185k miles, new headgasket and timing belt, original trans.


I know the 2.2 are much more reliable, but the mileage is pretty high. The 2.5 has new head gasket, but is the original trans reliable at this mileage?


Does anyone more experience then myself (all of you) have an opinion on the matter?? Thanks!!



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I had a 99 outback sport with a 2.2L, i believe it had around 185K on it. Ran like a top. The 2.2 will run well for many miles as long as the timing belt is replacing on time. That being said, if whoever did the headgasket did a really good job, the outback might be fine for many, many years to come. Personally, I had such good experience with my 2.2 I'd always go that way. Are these automatics or manuals?
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