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Noob ? on cell's


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So when do you know and how do u read the "cells"......is it when the check engine light goes on or its check some other way.....if check engine light is off does that mean i could still have lots of engine problems cuz i got sqeeks n ticks n tocks.
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Bad noises may or may not be indicative enough of a problem which can cause your car to throw a CEL ( Check Engine Light" - "CEL," not "cell" ;) ).


With OBD-II vehicles, you "pull" or "read" the CEL using some type of scantool, which plugs into the OBD-II port, and obtains the CEL-related code from the car's computer.


Most AutoZone stores will have a scantool, and they'll "pull" the code for you.


You can only pull/read a CEL if your CEL is lit. :)




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