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Custom Exhaust Pics


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Went to a local shop and spent over an hour explaining how I wanted my custom exhaust work done. I opted for their shop brand HF 14" turbo muffler. As you can see from the pics I went with cat back 2.5 inch all the way to the mufflers. The owner of the shop took great interest in this job for some reason and was able to retain the factory tips cleanly installed on the new cans.


Running stage 1 AP and didn't notice any huge improvements (didn't really expect any), but the overall sound is exactly what I was looking for. Working on deleting all the high res pics on my wifes camera now so I can capture the sound.





Just a shot to show the new clearence from the stock tips on the new cans.




Eye level shot along with the shops owner Ron.




They utilized the stock flange per my request.




2.5 inch goodness all the way back. No mandrel bends though, cost prohibitive.




The axle back pic custom Y and bends with a decent shot of the factory tips on the new cans.




Lastly a shot of the stock ugly heavy restrictive cans. UGH! For all you out there who didn't know what they looked like.


Overall I am pleased, and it only cost me $290 for everything with tax.

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Thanks guys,


I was only able to drive it around town and once to 70 on the highway. No drone at all, and with the windows down (heaters on full blast) it has almost the same tone as stock in 5th. Step down on it and you can tell the difference.


I has a very satisfying rumble at idle and deep growl between 1500 and 4, but when I went over 4 under a load the note actually seemed to go from a typical subie throaty tone to a smoother note, hard to explain. I will try my best to capture multiple rpms ranges and camera locations soon.



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Thanks binary,


The total price with tax was $290. I didn't ask what brand the mufflers were. I do know they are the shops High Flow 14" turbo muffler. Nothing special so I am not paying for a name, just a solid exhaust.


As far as blacking out the mufflers, I might do that since they are partially visible. The tips are polished, just real dirty in the pic like the rest of the car. :rolleyes:



nice job....what'd they charge for that? and any idea what brand the mufflers are?? ive gotten quotes local, but i like the idea of stock tips.....you should black out those mufflers, and use some magpolish to chrome up the look of that exhaust pipe
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i got mine from local shop too

3" gooood goodies. beat that :lol:


anyways, everything looks good except custom y-pipeish thing.

it looks like gas is going to flow more to the left side than the right side

Perrin BIG maf intake

Perrin Turbo Inlet


Megan Racing header with UP (ceramic coated)


DMH E-cutout

Custom 3" catback


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Thanks for the compliments guys. The more I drive it the more I love this setup.


I took a friends wife for a ride in it to get a womans perspective. She loves riding in the LGT and when I asked her if it was too loud she replied, "It sounds like its supposed to sound now." and "A car like this shouldn't be so quiet!".


Later the same day my wife finally went for a ride with me. She didn't comment on the sound until I prodded her, Keep in mind she loves her bone stock honda accord. She said, "At least its not as loud as your STI was." I had the COBB full catback on and it was louder than even I liked in some situations. At this point anything was quieter. Wife approved! icon_biggrin.gif





3 inch would have been nice to have, but I was specifically building this for under $300 so I figure I got the best bang for the buck that I could find in KC.


As far as the Y goes, it does look deceiving yes, but what you don't see is the internal edge of the pipes is protruding into the Y about half an inch, which effectively divorces the exhaust gases to both sides. The shorter side will always flow more air by design though, and since this is a single into 2 mufflers its more for looks than actual balance.



I have tomorrow off, so look for some samples of this setup in action soon... once I figure out where I am going to host the files.




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