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Slightly improving performance of '98GT


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I'm interested in slightly (and thus, economically!) improving the performance (acceleration) of my '98 Legacy GT.


I live at high altitude, and have searched for cold air intakes. Thus far, I have not found an intake system that fits this generation Legacy. Do you all know of one that is out there, or any other possibilities to cheaply improve performance?



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Ok, let me see here......


You can get a lightweight crank pulley:



One of my favorites is Boxer 4 racing (Teague's Auto)

They have almost everything.



A couple of good parts can be had here:



Any local muffler shop will make a custom exhaust for much

more cheaply than anything you can buy from a vendor.


I would say, for a naturally aspirated approach, I've noticed,

that these parts make a good combo.


--A good header. Borlas are pretty cheap, and I've had mine forever,

even now that I'm turbocharged.


--A 2.25" Exhaust. Like I said, can be custom-made.


--A stromung high flow cat. I think this was the biggest gain right



--Lightweight pulley (not underdriven)


--Stock airbox with snorkster removed, and one of those fender



--You could eventually look into cams, from TWE, Cobb, and a few

others, but then you're getting into some costs, especially for the

DOHC engine.

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