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Temperature problem...


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So I was driving to work this morning, and it's a bit chilly, so I turn on the climate control, and set the the temp to about 74 on the drivers side, and about 76 on the pass side. I didn't use the auto setting, just turned the fans on and set my own temp/fan speed. It's still a bit chilly, so I try setting the drivers side a bit higher. Finally I try setting it on the highest. No matter what temp I had the drivers side set on, it would blow the same temp air out, about 66 when I compared it to the pass side. Passenger side workd just fine.


I just installed a set of gauges, but I never disconnected anything aside from pulling the middle vents out. Everything else was just me running wires for power and such, which I took from the clock power. So...any ideas from anyone before I crawl down to the dealer?

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I can't see any possible way that I unplugged something, but I'll give that a shot.


And changing it to auto didn't change the temp either, shoulda said that in the first post :)

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