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2009 legacy 2.5 sohc non turbo automatic trans

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Hello first time here just looking for some advice.I just replaced the steering rack on my sisters car steers great aligned it problem is on the test drive I hit and small bump or even a rock in the road and the steering wheel shimmies and shakes like crazy.The rack came out of a 2009 legacy with 72,000 miles on it from LKQ.tie rod ends inner and outer are tight.I checked the ball joints and they are tight as well.Her car has 105,000 miles on it replaced timing belt at 101,000 miles on it.Please don,t tell me to get a new rack I spent the better part of the day yesterday replacing it because of heavy leaking at the outer seals now no leak but vibration.I didn't test drive it before I did the rack I'll have to ask her if vibration in the steering wheel was there before I replaced the rack damn it.


Vibration only happen when I hit a bump or go over railroad tracks no matter what speed I could be going 10 m.p.h. hit a bump theres the shake only in the steering wheel.I am thinking I got a bad rack please give me some advice here this car is driving me crazy.

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