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Odd Sounds While Braking?

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So I've been experiencing some popping as well as other strange noises when applying the brakes. They seem to make noise every time I brake, regardless of speed. When I hit the brakes it usually pops and then there is a grinding like sound, not exactly grinding but similar.

About 3 months ago I decided to paint my calipers, during reinstallation I cleaned up all the old grease, added new rubber boots, replaced old grease with sly glide, and added some anti seize.

The front pads are still like new, and at least one rear caliper still has good pads. The other rear caliper is sticking and the pads may be more worn on that side. However, the noise is coming from the front and I don't believe the rear pads are that worn yet.

When I brake, the feeling I associate with the sound I hear is a warped rotor, if that makes any sense? I do not feel anything when I brake so I don't believe I actually do have a warped rotor.

The rotors are in pretty poor shape all the way around though. They are rusty, lightly gouged, and I doubt they are at minimum thickness specs.

What could be the cause of the sound? Thanks for the help!



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if you didn't replace or turn the rotors when you put on new pads, you're likely ruining them - if you do indeed have a 'gouge' in your front rotor(s)?


and you're 100% sure the calipers are sliding properly?


i just pulled one on a '96 and the inner side of the pad was 'stuck/frozen' and I had to replace the caliper as it wouldn't budge off the slide pin....and the rotor was completely trashed on the inside.


And just for safety's sake...double-check your lug nuts.



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I believe the rotors do have slight gouges in them. When replacing pads, I was just worried about getting it done and the car stopping. I know my pads will have decreased life.

I am not 100% sure the calipers are sliding properly, all I know is everything has been lubricated recently.

On the driver side however, the pads are very tight in the bracket. It takes a good bit of force to get the pads in place on that side. That is also the side where I hear the most noise.

I do have a caliper on the rear with a seized guide pin. I've locked on to it with vice grips trying to pull it out and have had no luck, but again most of the noise is coming from the front.

I will be replacing many of my braking components in the upcoming months.



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FWIW, I believe your '00 brakes (calipers, caliper brackets, pads and rotors) are the same as the '96-'99 Legacy OB/GT, and Forester S and Impreza RS models. (all the models w/the EJ25/2.5 engine.)


Also, the 2000 OB is the same, (upgraded in '01).


If you come across a good deal on here or CL, etc. where someone is upgrading/parting out, they'd be an alternative.


Per cars101.com:

Brakes: all are 4 channel anti-lock

Brighton: 10.1" front disk with single caliper piston. Rear 9.0" drum

L models:, 10.7" vented front disc with dual caliper piston, 11.3" rear disc.

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