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Used 5th gen advice


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I'm looking at three 5th gen Legacy 3.6Rs- mileage ranges from 28k to 60k. Asking prices around 18-19k. Anything in particular to these that I should look for?

Any general advice?

For reference, currently own (and keeping) a 2009 3.0R Limited.

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Good to know. My 3.0 is really fussy about oil- consumption with some brands/weights as high as 1 qt/5000 miles. Not weight, Noak or HTHS dependant. As low as 4 oz/5000. Highway useage is worse. Current favorite is Mobil1 0w-40, consumption is very low, for reference.

Didn't some 5th gens have a problem with tramlining/"ghost walking" ?


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Yeah, I had that on the test drive.

The whole deal reeked- car was low miles, but parked outside for 5 years, not cared for - clear coat failure started.

Crappy replacement Pioneer GPS head unit, sound was awful. Topped by a sleazy salesman- "vin etch is required by law".

Waste of my time....

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