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Land Shark the Outback WRX

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A little deception in the title, but there is a legit reason for it. This car is my current daily driver and project car. I call it the Outback WRX because it's getting a complete EJ20 swap and WRX drivetrain in the next 6 months. For those who have followed me over on the 2nd Gen forum, I got this and replaced just about every mechanical bit forward of the firewall. It already has an 02-07 WRX rack and pinion, WRX bushings and control arms, and a WRX brake kit with carbon ceramic pads and slotted/drilled rotors.


Today, I did some aesthetic (and safety) work to the car. The front tires were starting to show their age, so I decided it was time to throw on my snowflakes and what a difference they make over the stock wheels.








They look good with the contrast to the color of the car, despite the wheels having a lot of brake dust in the spokes. I spent about an hour with a mix of purple power and simple green and cleaned the wheels to a shine. I'm not 100% sold on the tires though. They're 215/60, whereas I came from 215/75, Goodyear Assurance tires. Need to fill that fender gap with some larger off-road spec tires. Looking at some General Grabber AT/2s.


The next thing that bothered me was those gawd awful yellowed headlights. Ya, they're that bad. So I decided to get out the sandpaper and sand em down. Started with 500 grit, then 1000 grit, then 1500 grit to make them smooth as a baby's bottom. Finished it off with some clear coat and well, I'll let the photos do the talking.








I'm not too pleased with the clear coat. I think it was too humid outside because the clear coat started cracking. I sanded them 3 times, attempting to redo them with lighter coats, heavier coats, dusting, etc and it cracked every freaking time. After the 3rd attempt, the cracking isn't really noticable unless you get right up on it, so I called it good enough for government work and tossed the Rustoleum clear in the bin. Note to self: get some better clear coat.


While I had my headlights and grille off, I decided to swap out my Hella Supertones for my new Hella Sharptones. It no longer sounds like a wuss anymore. I also applied my newly minted decals and moved my Ambassador cling to the outside of the rear window as my tint is darker that a night with new moon and you really couldn't see it. The rear window sticker is temporary. The company I ordered it from online said it was perfect for car windows, no mention of a die cut decal. So I have a new die cut decal coming soon to replace it.





You can see my /r/Subaru sticker lurking on the back window, because Reddit.


Now finally the glamor shots:









For those who have the love of a second gen, this is one sexy mofo. Not only does he look good, he sounds good, and has a decent amount of power for a NA car. I cannot wait to build this thing into a 300 HP monster of 4 full-time powered wheels.

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