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My 98 legacy L won't start

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Will the car start in Neutral?


Do you have an aftermarket car alarm/immobilizer or remote starter installed?


If you have a multi-meter you can test to see if voltage is going to the starter motor when the key is cranked. If so, could be a bad starter motor or solenoid. Could remove and test on a bench. Otherwise, possibly the ignition switch could be faulty.

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If you test the starter that should be fairly quick and you can either rule that out or know it needs to be replaced.


The most common cause seems to be the park-neutral inhibitor switch. That detects the position of the shift lever and prevents the car from being started unless in Park or Neutral.


The ignition switch can sometime cause a similar problem on older cars.


Issues with other sensors usually give different symptoms. The engine will turn over when the starter is engaged but won't run.

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