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Front brake vibration


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Since I have owned my 2006 Legacy GT I have replaced every caliper on my car except the rear right because of them locking up. I figured since the warping of the rotors from the previously bad calipers I would finally get some upgraded rotors and pads. Both from EBC:

EBC redstuff pads

EBC Ultimax rotors


For quite some times these rotors were all I had ever hoped for, good stopping power, super smooth, seemed to expel heat pretty good. The last caliper I installed was the front left, and was starting to seize onto the new brakes I got. I replaced as soon as possible yet there seemed to be a small vibration when braking, coming from the front of the car. I then got this rotor turned hoping this would fix my issue. For the last few months however the front rotors are what seems like "warping" pretty easy. Starting off during my drive to work the brakes are fairly smooth, but on the drive down the mountain they noticeably get worse pretty fast. My drive to work is around 25 minutes, and by then end my steering wheel is almost shaking out of my hands upon braking. Could my issue be more than just the brakes? Or what exactly could be the issue if it is in fact the brakes?



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