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strange driving problem

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so I'm been having an issue that seems to be coming going here and there. sometimes it happens when its operating temp but does something similar if you just let it cool down for a bit, 10 min or so.

209,960 miles

new in last 5k to 10k miles


O2 sensors (both)

radiator and cap




what do you all think just cruising not changing or adjusting speed it just jumps up and down in rpms and the stick moves back and forth


anyone have ideas.

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my tranny is pretty much burned up and the input shaft bearing whines really bad after you release the clutch and even causes the rpms to drop sometimes on cold starts. used remain (or so they say) trannys are 600 around me and anywhere from 200 to 600 for used unknown ones.


did this today too and i had no resistance anywhere in my ignition coil so that maybe to to get a new one too.


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