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BOV bolt thread size?

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Have an AVO tmic and just put on a GFB BOV a couple wheels ago. Left it at 50% record and was getting used to the subtle BOV noise but just yesterday the sound changed. When letting off at high boost I used to get a "whooosh" not its more like a really quick "psst". Max boost was previously just shy of 17psi and now I'm only at about 13.5psi. Checked the BOV to tmic bolts and one was a little loose. Kept turning :(


Bummer is that it is already helicoiled from a previous owner so I'll need to take out the current one and install a new one. So I'm not positive what size to order. I see a lot of threads telling what size to drill it bigger to for a bigger bolt but was hoping to just swap the helicoil and not drill the BOV body holes bigger.


Is it an M6x1.25?



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Thanks zactek, maybe one other question, does anyone know what the depth of the BOV threaded hole is in an AVO intercooler. Reason I ask is I was looking for maybe a better repair to avoid another failed helicoil. I came across something called a "bigsert" made by the same company that makes the time serts. Basically it's a hardened steel threaded bushing that is much stronger than the coil wire spring that is a heli coil. They come in two lengths, 9.4mm and 12mm.




I don't have any tools to measure the depth.


They are a little pricey but might be worth it to have something that won't fail again.

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I'm not sure about the depth of the Avo,but 9mm is plenty of threads to get a good bite. You can always stick a toothpick into a hole,mark it,and then use a plain ruler to measure the length/depth.


Zack K.

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