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Questions on 1993 Wagon purchase

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Hey guys,


A friend of mine is getting rid of her 2wd legacy wagon and I am in the market for a cheap ride. It has quite a few miles, at 273k, but she has been doing regular maintenance and it seems to be fine.


She wants $150 and I need to pay for a flight down to grab it from NC [i'm in MA] and drive it up. All told $450 or so with registration and what not.


It's been driven on quite a few long hauls between NC and MA, as recently as 3 months ago.


Recent work includes:


Replaced front and rear axles in 2016

Rear struts 2015

New tires all around 2015

Starter motor replaced 2015


Just wanted your thoughts on if anything major might fail soon based on mileage/generally if this is an okay idea.


I am pretty handy and have done a fair bit of work on 90s era vehicles [struts, brakes, oil changes, etc], so I am totally fine doing basic work on this car.


Thanks for any input, I really appreciate it.

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timing belt? NON-interference, but What if it breaks on the trip?

AT or 5-speed? AT are reliable if somewhat maintained - hard to find FWD used; 5-speeds seem even better - but what's the clutch status?

Rust issues?



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The 4EAT is a bulletproof transmission as long it's maintained properly. I'd say take it easy for the first couple hundred miles. Do the speed limit on the freeway, no hard stops or pulls, listen carefully for unusual noises, etc.
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Thanks for the responses!


Here is what I know:


It's an auto and they have never had the transmission replaced, but have always done maintenance on it. They pretty much listened to whatever their mechanic told them it needed. I would guess that means the fluid has been changed a few times.


The timing belt was done some time in the past 2-3 years. They couldn't be more specific. They had it break while on a trip in VT, got it towed and fixed while up there.


In terms of rust, it didn't seem too bad when I saw it. It's spent most of it's time in NC, with maybe 10% of the miles on it being in New England.


So, given that info, still seem like a good deal?

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