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4 Sale: 1993 Subaru Legacy GT Turbo Touring Wagon

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NO rust? sounds like it's still got a date w/an oncologist.


Strange as its history (Autocheck) shows it's spent most of its life OUTside the Rust-belt.....


Too bad...I'd still like to find one...but I don't do bodywork.


'GT' is a misnomer but wrongly used on here everywhere else, too.... 'Touring Wagon'.


'94 was the first GT wagon - non-turbo - in the USA.



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My first Subaru was a 1993 Legacy L Wagon, fell in love with how well it handled in Chicago snow. :cool:

After a lot of googling I came across some really nice photos of the 1994 GT Turbo Wagons.

So, I decided to buy a 1st gen. Turbo version of the Wagon since I liked the way they looked, figured I can eventually make one look as good as the photos I saw. :)



Thanks for pointing out my mistake.

Didn't realize there are so many variants of these cars.

GT was in my mind from those '94s I saw, figured all Turbo Wagons are GTs.



Guess I'm too emotionally attached to this vehicle. Took me 1 year to find it. After purchasing it I kept it one year under a car cover only to find that the cheap cover didn't keep the moisture away from the car. :icon_sad:

After selling my L Wagon I just couldn't find the time to restore this Turbo one, too many other projects.


Guess these A/T Turbo Wagons aren't as sought after as I initially thought, even though I'm throwing in 4 new tires. Seems I won't be able to get my investment back.


Would really hate to see it deteriorate even further.

I'd like to see it go to someone who can take good care of it; my priorities have changed, unfortunately.

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